Friday morning we all managed to wake up at a decent hour despite hitting snooze about 30 times. We’d decided to go on “The Ultimate Tour of Prague” we’d seen in a pamphlet so we ate breakfast really quick and set off.

The tour met in King Wenceslas Square and the ticket man was very impressed with Andres for traveling with 4 girls alone. We all just laughed because he’s been getting that a lot. The tour was totally worth the money and we got it at half price! Our guide was incredible and he really knew his stuff about Prague, but then again he was a native Czech. I loved seeing all the architecture and learning all the history. I now know why it was called the Velvet Revolution again the Communists (because it went smoothly and no blood was shed) and why the metronome is on such a giant platform (it used to be the site of the world’s largest statue of Stalin before it was torn down after he was declared a war criminal). Every day I’m hear I just learn more about this city and love it a little more. The tour included a boat tour on the Volta River and a traditional Czech meal, as well as seeing the Prague Castle from the outside. We didn’t get to go in the castle but we got to go in the chapel and I think it easily rivals many of the ones we saw in France. Because it took over 600 years to build (thanks to a long break during the switch from Catholicism to Protestantism) it has many modern touches from the 1920s when it was completed, including Art Deco stained glass windows.

After the tour we came back to the apartment to relax for a little bit before going on the Ghost Tour that was included with our ticket for the Ultimate. As great as the Ultimate was is as horrible as the Ghost tour was. Our guide was a moron and couldn’t tell a single story without making all of us bust out laughing. Everywhere we went she stammered and stalled, attempting to make the stories longer, we soon realized this was so her accomplice could change into costume to jump out and scare us. I swear at one point we were standing in a passage way and she was describing the “cold, dark winter” to us and asked us if we’d ever seen snow and when the Australians in the group said only in movies she told them it was white. Gee really?

The tour lasted an hour, thank goodness, because any longer would have killed us and then we would have started haunting Prague. Afterwards we found a nice little pub/restaurant for dinner and really enjoyed the meal. Czech food is definitely growing on me but it’s definitely a heavy cuisine. When we left the pub, in the rain again, we just came back to the apartment. Katie was really disappointed in the Ghost tour so we decided to tell our own ghost stories. Luckily for me, so many years of camp as a child has left me with a ton. We all had a great time, except Jaclyn, who got a little overly scared but fell asleep pretty soon so it was okay. At first Sarah was worried because she’s always hated ghost stories but quickly realized she’s not as scared at 21 as she was at 12. That was a relief. We all had a good time and some good laughs before calling it a night. I hope no one has nightmares!