Sunday morning got off to a great start when we left the hostel/apartment in Prague to head to the airport. The bus we needed when we got off the Metro took forever to pick us up, even though we could see it just sitting in the parking lot. From there we got to the airport and started the check-in process. When Katie and I tried to check-in the woman at the counter told us that we could just go straight to the gate because we weren’t checking any luggage, super. So Sarah checked her bag and we all set off for security. Security wasn’t a problem, we got our passports stamped without any problems and then we went to our gate to board the flight: problem. Apparently on RyanAir (the small European airline we were taking) non-EU passengers have to have a stamp from the check-in counter on their boarding pass or no dice. The woman at the check-in counter screwed us over. So Katie, Jaclyn and I then had to run like crazy back through the airport, out through security, back in, go to check-in, go through customs again and we barely made the flight. We weren’t too happy.

Once we made the flight though everything was good. We landed in Dublin and got a bus to Galway just fine and got to see some beautiful scenery along the way. I swear Ireland is the prettiest place we’ve visited this whole summer. The grass was so green it almost seemed to glow and it really did look like something out of a picture with the stone fences and the hills dotted with cattle and sheep. It really made me a little bit homesick but I can’t wait to explore it some more.

When we got to Galway we checked into our hostel, which is a convenient 5 minute walk from the bus station. We explored the area a little and got some dinner and then just relaxed in the hostel. It was a pretty great evening and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week!