Okay, I’ll apologize right now for that ridiculous title, I just couldn’t help myself with the alliteration.

Monday morning I got up with Jaclyn and fixed a quick breakfast before heading to IES to start my finals. They went about as expected, Contemporary France was vague and more difficult than it needed to be and Impressionism was a breeze. I literally was just given 4 pages to talk about the art of Monet as much as I wanted. Hooray for easy finals!

After the tests, Jaclyn, Katie, Harrison, Andres, Emma, Meaghan and I headed to Andres’ (and everyone else’s) favorite gelatto place to celebrate being done (or close to done for the grammar kids) with classes and tests. This time we went big and got way too much ice cream bu tit was worth it. I’m really going to miss that stuff!

Once we could move again, most of us headed to St. Michel because a few still wanted to do some souvenir shopping. Harrison finally found a few things he’d been wanting and Jaclyn found the grammar book she’d been looking for. I guess that made it a successful trip. From there I left Jaclyn, Harrison and Andres to study while I came home to start packing…

I really hate packing and this was especially difficult. Because we’re traveling extra and leaving our big bags behind I couldn’t exactly pack my big suitcase because I’ll have other things to go in there and I still have to buy a bottle of wine or two to bring home too. Overall it’s a nightmare and was the bane of my existance for a couple of hours.

Luckily, it was soon time for dinner and that was a great distraction. This was our last family dinner and it was so sad! Mme. Chalufour made us quiche again, I think she knows that’s our favorite. After dinner we got some recipies from Mme. and just sat and chatted with the family while watching some TV. It was a really relaxed night but I’m going to miss them. M. Chalufour kept inviting us back anytime we want to come and they both told us to recommend them as a host family to any other MU students we know that come on an IES program. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone! Being with this family made my stay here so much easier, they’ve been so friendly and welcoming that I felt right at home. Hopefully I’ll come back to Paris and visit them again someday.