Let me preface this blog and the following ones for the weekend by stating that the internet here at the internet stopped working for Jaclyn and myself on Wednesday night. That’s the reason for the lack of blogs, that and the fact that I leave Paris in a few short days and we’ve been packing them full!

Thursday morning was an amusing morning if nothing else. When I woke up Jaclyn was still up and going on her paper. The poor girl really didn’t sleep at all. I got ready and had breakfast with her and then started getting my bag together for the day. While I was doing this I saw Flore come through and say good morning and then she paused at the door for a minute. She had a funny look on her face and told me Jaclyn was talking to herself and not really making any sense, Flore was right. Jaclyn was a bit out of it the whole day because of the lack of sleep.

Contemporary France was really good. The last class was definitely worth it. We discussed Paris a lot and the things we’ve all done and the influences the States have had on France. Meaghan and I got a good laugh out of the fact that our professor loved to watch “Dallas” with her mother when she was little.

I stuck around IES after class because Jaclyn and I decided to split lunch and use up the last of the groceries we’d bought before we finish the program. Impressionism was cancelled because we had a visit later that night so Meaghan and Katie went home.

Jaclyn and I ate our lunch and she went to put the finishing touches on her paper while I headed off to find the American supermarket to buy things for dinner. The Chalufours told us that they have a tradition that the American students always make a meal for the family. Jaclyn and I loved this idea! She wanted to make gooey butter cake because nothing is more St. Louis than that and because I couldn’t really make BBQ here I decided to make breakfast for dinner and to go with biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. My hope was that the store would at least have Pillsbury biscuits and I could cheat a little that way but no such luck. They had nothing.

I went home in a bit of a panic because I didn’t know what I was going to do for dinner. When I got home the heat overcame me and I fell asleep on my bed before waking up and making a mad dash to Monoprix to see if I could find anything helpful there. I didn’t. Jaclyn got home just in time for me to tell her the internet wouldn’t work so I didn’t even have a recipe to make the biscuits from scratch and I had no sausage for the gravy before running to meet my class. As it was I was late to the visit.

We went to the Musee d’Orsay to look at many of the paintings we’d seen slides of in class. It was incredible! Seeing so many of them in real life was a great feeling. The other great thing is it really helped set some of the ideas we learned in class in our minds so we’re all feeling better about the final on Monday.

The visit finished and then I had to head home to figure something out for dinner. Jaclyn told me the internet still wasn’t working and she hadn’t been able to find all the stuff she needed for her gooey butter cake. Thus the two of us basically started experimenting in the kitchen with Colombe as our helper. Eventually I found a recipe on the Chalufour’s computer for homemade biscuits so I was set…except for the conversion rates. We found another site for that and did the best we could.

I’m pretty sure this was the first time since I was in 4-H that I made biscuits from scratch with gravy from scratch too. I was so afraid the entire time that it would be horrible and we would go hungry for the evening. Luckily I was wrong and everything turned out just fine. The Chalufours loved the entire dinner, especially Jaclyn’s cake, and couldn’t stop telling us how wonderful it was. We were especially happy because they told us that none of their students had ever made either dish. Score one for us!

After dinner we had just enough time to catch the last 20 minutes of the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die” and I gotta say it was a bit bizarre. I realize I didn’t know the storyline and I was watching it in a foreign language but it was still strange. O well. Then I made Jaclyn go to bed because she was getting really punchy (40 hours awake can do that to you) and now I’m headed there too.