Wednesday was about as uneventful as a day can get.

In Contemporary France stupidity abounded in a new, unbelievable way. One would think that 5 weeks in Paris living with a Parisian family and being taught by Parisian professors would help with pronunciation but no. These girls can’t even say basic words that are taught in any French I class. Seriously? Anyway the class was one of the most interesting ones yet, we discussed male/female relations and actually had a good discussion. So many things are different between France and the States. Here they’re very open about their relationships, especially in public. They aren’t ashamed and don’t feel that they need to hide it; which couldn’t be more different than the States. The stereotype of the French as being promiscious and very amourous isn’t true though, their STD rates and teen pregnancy rates are incredibly lower than those in the States. Go us.

After class Meaghan and Katie both went home because we were supposed to have a museum visit for our Impressionism class and they won tickets to the ballet so they wanted to change and get ready before the visit so they would have time to get to the ballet. I stuck around IES because I told Jaclyn I’d have lunch with her. While I was sitting in the lobby doing some studying for finals (yeah, they’re next week!) Jeanne, the IES director, came rushing through saying the visit for Impressionism was cancelled but we had class as usual. Super. I then started trying to get ahold of the other girls but didn’t have a whole lot of luck. Eventually I got Meaghan on the phone during lunch and then she was able to get Katie and we all made it to class just fine.

That afternoon I was flying solo. Katie and Meaghan had to get to their ballet and the other 3 had a visit with their class. It was so hot and miserable I decided to start by just going home to get rid of my bag. I ended up just sitting in front of my window at the apartment for awhile sketching from some of my photos from Giverny. There wasn’t enough time while we were there to sketch so I improvised. Just as I finished that sketch Jaclyn came home from her visit. We talked to Mme. and Colombe for a little bit; Colombe just got back from visiting her aunt in the countryside so she told us all about that and showed us her pictures. Then Jaclyn and I were going to go to the park together after running to Monoprix to get her something to keep her awake. By the time we made it to Monoprix though (literally just across the street) we were so hot and tired again we just decided to stay home until dinner. We did at least go out on the patio to work.

I sketched some more and made a study guide for Impressionism while Jaclyn started working on the 4 page research paper she had due for her History of Paris class. That paper has been a bear for all of them this week and Jaclyn was getting down to the wire. She decided she was going to pull an all-nighter and pull one she did. After dinner I worked on my computer in the apartment and she stayed outside. Around 11 I realized I’d never seen her come back through to go to her room. I went out on the patio and sure enough, she was sitting at the table still reading…by candlelight! M. Chalufour had brought her a candle to help see and Mme. gave her some orange juice. Our family is adorable but at that point I made the silly girl come inside. When I went to bed she was still typing away and she was already awake when I got up, craziness. At least she’ll be free by Thursday afternoon.

Dinner with the family was fun. We had a pretty simple meal because it was so hot but the conversations were fun as always. We talked with Annabelle about her studies and more with Colombe about her trip. M. Chalufour told us he saw a friend that is also hosting two IES students and M. said he got to brag about us. I guess the other two students don’t speak French with their family or to each other, they just basically don’t talk. M. Chalufour told them how hard we try and how good we are with it for the most part. It made us smile.

After dinner I made some calls home and that was nice. I also got my host family to basically call me a smart-alick too. Flore bought a new dress that needs a slip and she didn’t have one so Mme. was trying to make her one. The homemade ones were working so Mme. gave her an old one of hers that she could hem up. The slip was full-length while the dress went to Flore’s knees. Before it got hemmed, Flore was trying it on to make sure it worked under the dress, when she looked at me to see if it worked I told her it was dark enough but I thought it was a little too long. That got a chuckle out of both of them and some teasing for being so sarcastic. It was great. I can’t believe we have such little time left with them. I’m really going to miss that family but I’m excited to see mine again!