So Monday I woke up and decided to wear a new shirt that I bought last week at the super sales here in Paris. The shirt is cute, I’m glad I bought it, however it just accents how pale I truly am. The neckline of said shirt is a little reminiscent of the 80’s and has a scooping neckline. Said neckline only managed to accentuate the fact that my chest and neck are much redder than the rest of my pasty white skin. Even just walking from the apartment to the Metro to the apartment to class etc. is enough to change the color of my skin about 3 shades. Awesome.

On a more fun note, I spent a really fun night at home with the family. Before dinner Flore and I were watching the news (as usual) and I learned that it was the 60th anniversary of the launching of the first French TV news station. In honor of such they had a behind-the-scenes special that showed the workings of the newsroom and followed a reporter and his crew for the day. I’m not stupid, I realize it was greatly sugar-coated for those in the world that don’t know what journalism really looks like but at the same time it was incredibly interesting. The footage of the original news station and how it operated was fascinating, from one of the first reports coming live from a hot air balloon to the first female news anchor, the development was really interesting to see. I’m pretty sure Flore was amused by my nerdy fascination with the world of journalism. Despite how difficult last semester was at The Missourian, I’m actually somewhat looking forward to getting back to school and being around like-minded people. Us journalists are a special breed.

Dinner was fun too. Colombe is off in Brittany at her aunt’s house, so it was just Mme., M., Flore and us Americans. It was a little funny because Mme. discussed how Colombe has a hard time sometimes because all her siblings are so much older, much like it was for me when I was younger. I think that’s why I get along so well with Colombe, we actually have a pretty similar place in the family. Flore laughed though because, as she put it, “when Colombe is away, Maman is on vaction!” I guess that is true when the youngest is out of the house. Maybe that’s why I went to so many summer camps as kid…

After dinner has been devoted to blogging, catching up on US news and preparing for the finals next week. O joy.