Saturday morning(-ish) I got up and surveyed my options for the day. I first decided to go wandering a bit in my neighborhood just to see what was around other than the Champs-Elysee. I found a couple of neat stores but of course, even off the Champs-Elysee, everything was ridiculously expensive and the people were insane. The sales are bringing out more crowds than usual and it was a beautiful day so everybody and their brother was out. I couldn’t take it any more so I went home.

When I got home I thought about my next move and in doing so I realized I needed to do laundry and charge my ipod. So while I plugged the little bugger in I did my laundry in the sink. That will never become fun and I look forward to getting back to the States to a washer that doesn’t completely beat up clothes and a dryer that’s…just a dryer so my stuff doesn’t have to hang in the kitchen/hallway to dry.

After I did my laundry I looked through the tour books for some nice, relaxing ideas of things to do. The Bois de Bologna caught my eye again. I’d been there before, before an Impressionism excursion and it was very pretty (remember, bois means woods) and it’s not that far from my apartment.

So I gathered up my camera, my sketch pad and pastels and one of my new books and set off. When I got there I immediately went on a path deep in the woods. It was marvelous! For the first time since being in Paris I was completely alone, I couldn’t hear any cars or metros or people. It was just the woods, with birds singing and the leaves rustling; I even saw a bunny rabbit! Already I could feel my mood getting better.

Eventually the path opened up and I was by the smaller of the two lakes that’s in the middle of the woods. I found a nice spot in the shade, complete with grass and a tree, and started my sketching/people watching.


Watching people in boats will never get old. You can rent small rowboats and take them out on the lake and since it was such a pretty afternoon a lot of people were doing that. I saw lots of young couples, several families and lots of groups of just friends. The young families were the greatest. I saw one boat with a mother and two little girls, maybe 5 and 7, and the girls were attempting to row. They had no clue and kept hitting the shores and other boats and almost losing a ora a couple times. I saw them several times and finally on the last time their father had joined them and gotten the boat on a straight path.

I got in some nice sketching and some pictures and read a little of my new Shakespeare. At some point I even fell asleep. I really do love this city but sometimes I do still miss the country. There’s nothing better than taking a nap outside in the shade. I guess it really is just true that you don’t know how much you’ll miss something until you’re in a new environment.