Okay, turing 21 in Paris was the best birthday of my life!

The day started bright and early as usual since I did have class. I’m pretty sure it was also the first time in my life that I’ve had to go to school on my birthday since I’m a summer baby but it wasn’t bad. Jaclyn finally gave me back my birthday cards and they were worth the wait! I loved them all and it really made me feel good to see cards from  home. Melissa’s was hilarious! I don’t know where you found a French Hoops and Yo-Yo card but it rocked!

When I got to class Katie had bought me a pain au chocolat (a croissant with chocolate baked in) and Meaghan tried to buy me coffee but the machine was broken, it didn’t matter though, it was the thought that counted. The others wished me happy birthday when they got their for their class and it was great!

We didn’t have Impressionism like normal, instead we had an excursion that started later so we had several hours to kill. To pass the time we went to the outdoor market again so Meaghan and Katie could get some scarves and Ann came with us. After they got scarves we decided to go shopping because it was the beginning of the big soldes, or sales, in Paris. For the next 6 weeks pretty much all clothing in all stores will be marked down by 20% to 60%, it’s pretty much amazing!

Our visit was fun and so was shopping. I got some cute clothes that I can’t wait to wear at home and be able to tell people I bought this in Pairs 😉

Jaclyn and I had dinner with the Chalufours and that was by far the best part of the day. They went all out!! With dinner I had a glass of wine for the occassion and then after dinner it was cake time! They had gotten me two cakes, one was a delicious chocolate mousse heavenly thing on a pastry crust and the other was a raspberry custard with a flaky pastry base, so good! They even put candles on them spelling out 21 (but they set them down backwards so I turned 12 again but o well). I made my wish and we ate and it was delicious. They also gave me and Jaclyn both copies of one of their company’s books based on the American Revolution and they bought champagne! After dinner M. Chalufour gave me the cork and he’d written the date, Paris, Bon Anniversaire (happy birthday) and my name on it. It’s the best souvenir from Paris I could ever ask for. My family here rocks!! (the one at home does too!)

Finally it was time to go out! I wanted to go to a jazz club and the guide books and the Chalufours both recommended one in the Latin Quarter called “Caveau de la Huchette”. I called the gang and we all decided to meet at the Metro there to go to the club.  It was amazing! I loved the quite, mellow atmosphere. It’s one of the oldest jazz clubs in the city and is in an actual basement/cavern on the street. There was live music and we managed to meet the singer totally by accident. He was marvelous and everyone had fun. Everyone else got some beers but I’m not a fan of beer so instead I had a Bailey’s while we just relaxed and chatted. We’ve all been really tired lately so just chilling was perfect!

Eventually we realized though that we all had class in the morning and we should probably head home. Jaclyn and I hopped on the Metro with Katie and by the time we got to our stop it was Katie’s birthday, hooray!! Tonight (Thursday) will be more fun I’m sure! The last surprise of my birthday were the roses I received this morning, they’re beautiful and I’m leaving IES right now to go home to put them in some water!