Sorry for the lack of posts. It’s been crazy here. Monday was just plain boring and Tuesday left me exhausted, that said here you go:

Monday I just got up late and went to class. Contemporary France was cancelled in the morning and just moved to the afternoon instead. Classes were classes and afterwards we didn’t do anything. Jaclyn and I had dinner with the Chalufours and then she did homework and I went to bed early. Like I said, Monday was boring.

Tuesday was better. I went into class and we just watched a movie in Contemporary France. It was a short film about the Parisian suburbs and it sort of reminded me of “Radio Days” by Woody Allen and “Brighton Beach Memoirs” by Neil Simon because it was a film about remember the suburbs when the director was a child. It was full of mixed emotions of the time and the place, happy memories of being a kid but at the same time disgust for how he had to live.

Between classes the others wanted to go to the catecombs and I didn’t really so I had the brilliant idea that I’d go to Montmartre to see the Dali museum by myself. This was not a good idea. Montmartre is a huge, very hilly area of Paris and it’s pretty far away from IES. The museum itself is very small and very hidden among the twisty, turny streets of old Paris. It took me over an hour to find and then when I did there was also a group of school kids there being really noisy and annoying. Despite these problems though it was a great musuem and now I have an even greater appreciation for Dali and his art. The man was so conflicted between religion and what he thought of the world, it was very interesting to learn more about him as a person.

I then made my way back to IES for Impressionism and fell asleep on the futon in the lobby before class, luckily Colleen came in and woke me up before class so I wasn’t late. We talked about Van Gogh so that’s always a good day in art class.

After class I went to Parc Monceau and sketched for a bit. It’s so relaxing there, it really is one of my favorite places in the city. Just as I was about to head home, Jaclyn called me and told me she and some of the others were going to get a drink in the Bastille if I wanted to join them. I hopped on the Metro (after going home to drop stuff off) and met them. Over all, between getting lost looking for the Dali museum, going home twice and then to the Bastille/Le Marais, I took the Metro about a dozen times on Tuesday. One of those times I saw the strangest instrument yet: a digirido (you know, one of those weird Austrailian things that kind of hums). I’ve seen/heard a lot of weird music on the Metro but that takes the cake. We had a nice time just relaxing and drinking some coffee and getting gelatto (that’s becoming a bad habit) before all heading home to go to bed.

When we got home and finished our homework and got ready for bed and such I tried to convince Jaclyn that it was after midnight so technically it was my birthday and she should give me back my birthday cards. She didn’t agree and made me go to bed and wait until the morning. It was worth it, the cards were super cute and made me feel very loved, but that’s another story for Wednesday’s blog. It should be pretty good because so far my birthday’s rockin’ and I want to put it all together in one for you all so I’m going to go eat dinner and listen to some jazz!!