Thursday we got up and went into class. The day was pretty mundane, except for everyone being antsy for the end. Our gang was headed to London, another group was going to the French riviera and yet another to Barcelona. Needless to say no one wanted to be in class.

After class we all set off in our separate directions for home because we all had to pack still and most of us had dinner with our families. Jaclyn and I got home and began packing. We knew we needed/wanted to pack light so that made it easier. I’m a speedy packer so when I finished I actually had enough time to check my email and make a few calls home. It was nice to talk to home and have things squared away before heading out.

Dinner was nice. Poor Colombe just got braces on Wednesday so she wasn’t really feeling like eating too much. Over dinner we told the Chalufours our more specific plans and when we’d be back and they told us to have a good trip.

Right after dinner pretty much we had to grab our bags and head out the door. The bus left at 11 so we had to be at the station by 10 so we had to leave our apartment by 9/9:15 because it was on the other side of Paris. Jaclyn and I made it in plenty of time and so did the others.

We waited until they called our route and then boarded. We were all prepared to go to bed as soon as we got onboard. Yeah right.

First off, the seats were incredibly uncomfortable. More uncomfortable than typical bus seats in my opinion but whatever. Then we would up right in front of a group of American law students heading to London as well. One guy in particular was super chatty. I think he kept us up for a good 3 hours.

Eventually we made it to customs and boy was that fun. Before they could check our passports we had to fill out a piece of paper saying where we were staying and where we were from because we were coming from a place with known cases of swine flu. I’m really getting sick of doing that.

After the questionnaire was done (finally) we got to go through a mini-interrogation by the board control. They wanted to know how long we were staying, where we were students, what we were studying, what we planned on doing in London, when we were going back to the States, what airline we were flying. It was awesome. Eventually we got through and headed off on the last leg to London, it was about 4 am. Hurray London.