The weather was much nicer on Tuesday when I woke up. Jaclyn checked the weather and we were happy to read that it would be in the 60s with sun all day!

Contemporary France was a really good class, we had several discussions on Social Security and other social programs and the differences between France and the US. Things are so much better in France, their healthcare system acutally works and helps the people, it’s such a novel concept!

The big excitement over lunch was finally finding a hostel in London that was within our budget and was nice enough for Harrison’s standards. That boy is always afraid of the “sketchy” places. Everything is taken care of now and we are all set to head to the UK!! I’m so excited! We’re going to have all day Friday and all day Saturday before heading back on Sunday morning. Then when we get back we can catch the end of La Fete de la Musique (Festival of Music) here in Paris. It’s going to be a great weekend!

Art history was wonderful as usual. Today we started with Monet. As much as I love Degas I really do love Monet as well. He changed so much as an artist over time and made such an impact on so many future artists. It was easy to see, once Madame Moll pointed it out, how much he influenced Jackson Pollack and Picasso and the Surrealists too to an extent.

After class we had a class trip to the Musee Marmottan (Marmottan Museum) to look at an incredible Monet exhibit. The museum is right by the Bois de Bologna (the woods of Bologna), a very old part of the city that used to the be hang-out of the aristocracy in the times of the kings. Since we had some time before hand, Katie, Jaclyn, Harrison, Martin and I headed to the woods to check them out. The woods are beautiful and it really made me feel like I was at home, the others felt very out of the Surburbia comfort zone. While wandering we found the lake in the middle of the woods and were jealous of the people out in rowboats. If they weren’t so expensive we’d go back and take one out sometime.

I decided to sit and sketch the lake for a while while the others wanted to walk around the lake. I’d say I sat there and sketched for about a half hour, using pretty much all my colors and am fairly happy with the result. When I was done I realized I’d missed 3 calls from Katie so I called her back to see what was up. She said the lake was a lot bigger than they’d realized and I should head to the museum without them because they weren’t sure where they were. I went back and got to the museum just as our professor walked up. Believe me, it was interesting telling her in French that I thought Katie was lost in the woods. Luckily, Katie and the others showed up about 5 minutes later. Katie and I went in with our class and the others left to go on more adventures.

The exhibit was incredible!! We saw so many of Monet’s paintings and personal items, from the beginning of his career to the end. Most of the exhibit was actually donated by Monet’s son so some things were very personal, like letters and his glasses. I hadn’t realized that the man was nearly blind by the end of his career, near his death. It was wonderful to see his painting style change over time, how he went from details to just the light. I saw some very famous paintings and will never forget them.

Then it was back home for dinner with the family, which was fun as always. Next up this week is another art trip and buying scarves at an outdoor market.