At first Monday seemed to be a bummer day. It was back to rainy, dreary weather and the Metro was running really slow. I was worried I would be late to class and then when I did get there it was a ridiculous movie… again. Things turned around really quickly though right around lunch time.

IES had 9 tickets to the opera Carmen to give away for free!! All we had to do was answer the question “Why was Carmen arrested in the opera?” and put it in a box and they were going to draw the winners. It turns out only 9 people answered the question so we all got to go!!

After class we also managed to get plans worked out to go to London this weekend super cheap! We leave Thursday night and come back Sunday afternoon, I’m really excited!!

London plans did take a little longer to figure out that we thought so Jaclyn, Meaghan and I were rushing around to get back to our apartments so we could get ready for Carmen in time. We made it and I’m so glad we did!!

It was my first opera experience and I can tell that it won’t be my last! Everything about it was incredible. It wasn’t at the grand opera, but it was at the equally beautiful Opera Comique, which was great because that was where the opera debuted in 1895! The story was wonderful and I was a little surprised at some of the music, I knew most of the music but had never realized it was from Carmen!

When we left it was raining but it didn’t even matter, we had just seen one of the most famous operas of all time!! I will happily have the score stuck in my head for days!