Sunday was a homework day but we all decided to make it more tolerable by going to the Luxembourg Gardens.

I was getting my stuff together and just getting ready to walk out the door when Katie texted me and told me to pick up some food because we were going to picnic in the park while we did our work. I told her that was great and I’d pick up some fruit on the way, she said that would work but to also get a baguette or two. One of the great things about having a market right outside the front door is the abundance of good fruit. I bought a half a kilo of black cherries and a kilo of peaches and headed to the Metro, thinking I’d find a bakery on the way.

I was right, I did find a bakery, in fact I found 3, unfortunately they were all closed. I tried not to worry and just hopped on the Metro and headed to Luxembourg thinking I could find one there. When I got off the Metro I started to walk around the garden looking for a bakery or something else that looked like it might have bread. Again I found plenty of things but nothing open, just cafes. I made a full loop, complete with voyages up side streets, with no results so I headed back to the main gate. Katie and Meaghan were waiting with some food as well. Since Katie is so good at finding things she set off to find a bakery while Meaghan and I started to look for a picnic site.

90% of the ground of Luxembourg are not for sitting on, they’re picky about their grass. We finally found and area and staked our claim. Katie found us a little while later and what do you know, she found bread. So the three of us sat down and started munching while we waited for the others. At one point Katie thought it would be a good idea to toss a bit of the cheese rind a few feet away for the birds (meaning pigeons) to eat. This was not a good idea as instantly about 8 giant pigeons landed and started devouring the cheese and swarming us. After throwing her pen at them Katie managed to get them to leave and promised to never feed the birds again.

Eventually Emma, Harrison and Jaclyn arrived too. Everyone ate… a bunch ( I think combined we ate 4 giant baguettes, all the cherries, half the peaches, 2.5 things of cheese, 3 liters of water and various cookies.) It was a great time. Afterwards we did our homework, Meaghan went for a run, Katie wrote some postcards and I sketched. I’m finally pretty happy with the results, I’ve got some pretty good looking peaches and cherries in my sketchbook now.

I’d say we chilled in the gardens for a good 4-5 hours before packing it up and headed home. Harrison set off in search of an English copy of the book he has to read for his History of Paris class…that’s due tomorrow…good luck to him!

When I got home I did my laundry in the sink and wrote some postcards myself and now I think it’s time to decide what I want to see after class this week.