The French are just as bad at generalizing Americans as they say we are about generalizing them. Our Contemporary French teacher is usually pretty cool but Thursday she just made herself sound like a jerk because she kept saying how Americans don’t really have standards and are okay with everything–basically she thinks everyone in America loves everything and nobody has an opinion on anything. Some people were pretty offended so we did our best to correct her on this and hopefully we got it through to her in a respectful way.

In between classes we did the usual lunch thing, except it was extra exciting because Harrison went and picked up our rugby tickets! We are now officially going to a scrimmage between France and England on Saturday night! The only down side is the entire program found out about the match and so now nearly 20 people are going, o well though, we’ll still have a blast! When Harrison got back we went to a bakery to get him some lunch and ended up all getting coffee and bread with chocolate chips baked in (genius!) and chilling until class.

Impressionism was fun, we’re starting to get more comfortable in that class too and everyone is talking more. The more and more I see of the movement and understand it better the more I love it. I really don’t care that some of the “more cultured” people in our class think Impressionism is the most overrated art movement of all time, I think it’s wonderful!

After class we hopped on the Metro and headed to the Latin Quarter to hang out for a while. A few other girls came with us so our group was a little expanded and it was nice to hang out with some new people for once. Everyone chilled at a little club for a bit during happy hour and then everyone but Andres, Katie, Jaclyn and I left to have dinner with their families. That’s when the 4 of us set out to find dinner.

After walking all over looking for a cheap dinner that we could all agree on we finally settled for a bit more expensive place on the condition that they give us free drinks. It was good but the only expensive meal for the week, if not two weeks for us. After that we headed to the Eiffel Tower to chill for a bit and Jaclyn brought a bottle of wine for us to share under the Tower. It was fun and we just sat around chatting.

Somewhere along the way the Spanish word for puddle came up, which is “charco.” According to Andres (and I think he’s pretty accurate being from Venezuela) the “R” is supposed to be rolled, something us girls can’t do. He was getting very frustrated because Jaclyn kept saying “charcoL” and he tried to explain there is no “L”. Just for grins I gave it a try and surprisingly he said I got it right! Then Katie tried and she couldn’t get it quite right either so he admonished the two of them by saying “Come on, even the Hillbilly can do it!” I’m not quite sure what to think of this new nickname but I am pretty proud of my ability to say Spanish words, you never know when I’ll need to warn someone “Hey watch out for that charco!”