Wednesday morning I went into class alone again. Jaclyn and I have both been having a hard time waking up so she’s been coming in after me because we’ve slept in so late we can’t both get ready to go before 8:30 and I have class and she doesn’t so I go and she comes later.

Contemporary France was interesting. We discussed the separation of Church and State, which over here is much stronger than in the States. Over here it’s so strict that students in public schools can’t even wear noticeable cross necklaces or the hijab. I think it’s a little ridiculous when all the religious holidays are taken into consideration and our professor agreed.

Between class we worked on Barcelona plans (still nothing definite yet) and ran over to the closest bakery to grab sandwiches to go with our lunch stuff from home. Today was super cold and really rainy again so we didn’t go far for long. Katie, Meaghan and I really want some scarves and the other girls told us about a market in the same area where I bought my art supplies, but it closes at 12:30 and we didn’t find out about it until 1:30 but maybe next week.

Art History had an excursion to the Opera Garnier so I got to go inside that beautiful building again. This time was nice because our professor gave us a tour so I learned more. Everything in the building is built for function as well as beauty, including the cleverly disguised tubes for the electrical wires! After that we went on a walking tour of the neighborhood to see the architecture and former art community buildings. It was beautiful but also a little sad because of all the modern changes–we saw two McDonald’s and several Starbucks and a big tacky cafe where Monet used to hang out. We also went in a pretty, old church named St. Eugene. It was built at the request of Napoleon III’s wife and is a perfect example of neo-gothic but it was built at the  same time as all the other buildings in the area so it sticks out like crazy. It’s also made all of metal, a very strange thing according to our professor, because everything in Franch (minus the Eiffel Tower) is made of stone or brick. In fact, the architect of the church had been a student of Gustave Eiffel.

The walking tour was cut short because it started raining again so our professor let us go. Katie, Meaghan and I headed towards the Louvre because Colleen told us she bought scarves over there for a really good deal. When we got off the Metro it was still raining but we headed towards the market stands anyway. It was on the walk past the Louvre that Katie and I realized we’d now seen the pyramids three times, and it’s been raining/threatening rain every time! I’d like to see a pretty, clear blue sky reflected in them sometime but maybe that’s just not meant to be.

Because of the rain none of the stands were open so we did not get to buy any scarves. Instead we all just hopped on the Metro and headed home. I got home and read the newspaper and did my homework and accidentally fell asleep. The rain on the roof right outside my window just made me nod right of. Mme. left dinner for Jaclyn and me in the fridge and I plan on waiting to eat until she gets home but it’s getting late now and Jaclyn’s still now home from her class excursion so I might just eat without her…