So last night (Monday) my family found Gone With the Wind on TV so of course we had to watch it.

It was one of the best family-time experiences I’ve had yet. Flore and M. Chalufour hadn’t seen it but Jaclyn, Mme. and I hat. Jaclyn had to write a paper so she didn’t watch it all and Mme. fell asleep so it was just me and Flore and M. but it was awesome.

For the most part the dubbed voices were right on, I swear it was the same voice for Prissy. The only one that was off was Rhett and to me that is just an atrocity. He had a really high, falsetto voice and it totally ruined the air of Captain Butler.

Other things that didn’t translate well were Scarlett’s “fiddle-dee-dee” (de de de in French) and the classic “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” I shared the proper way of saying these though and I feel the family is better for it.

Watching the movie was also an interesting experience in sharing history. M. Chalufour had a few facts about the Civil War a bit confused, for example he didn’t realize it reached all the states, including Missouri. He thought it was only fought in Virginia and the rest of the South. I did find it interesting though that the book he had on Civil War history supported the South. For some reason I’ve always thought that only the people still living the South support their side in the Civil War. I was actually able to give him quite a bit of history on the battles and such (thanks Mr. B!)

The other funny part about the movie was trying to help the two of them keep up. I never really realized just how confusing that movie is when it comes to all the various love interests/marriages/deaths. In the end I think Flore summed it up pretty well, “everyone dies and the snobby girl cries.”

This isn’t to say I don’t still love Gone with the Wind, it’s an American classic and watching it in French is just one more memory for the books (or the blog).