Lucky Jaclyn didn’t have her morning class today so I took the Metro to school alone. When I say I took the Metro alone, I mean I took it alone. I was the only person in my car for at least 4 stops. Very strange.

Classes were classes, nothing special happened during them today. Actually most of the day was pretty quiet. We all just ate lunch at IES because it was rainy and nasty and freezing outside so we didn’t want to go far.

After class we were standing around, as usual, talking about what to do. This time it was really bad because it was raining and cold yet we still just stood there. Finally Emma stepped up and made a decision. We were all really happy but I don’t think she realizes that she has now firmly established herself as the decision-maker.

We went to a cafe and all had some coffee. We just hung out for an hour or so drinking our coffee and chatting. I think the best chats are among friends over coffee.

After coffee we went our separate ways. Jaclyn and I got some food at the Monoprix so we can make our own meals this week and save a bit of money. We had dinner with the Chalufours and ate the most delicious coffee ice cream I’ve ever had in my life!

Now I can hear Gone with the Wind in French on in the other room so I think I’m going to go watch Clark Gable with a French accent. Heaven here I come!