When we got back to the city we spent about five minutes deciding what to do with the rest of the night because it was only 6pm.

Emma wanted to go home and shower so she did that and the rest of us decided to find a place for dinner where we could just sit down and relax since we’d been on our feet pretty much all day. After looking in our guide books we decided to go to “People’s Paris,” which also happened to be back in the neighborhood of the Bastille, where Meaghan lives.

So we hopped on the Metro and headed that direction. We got there and after walking around for about 30 minutes searching we found a cafe that wasn’t too expensive and grabbed a table. We all ordered our food and a bottle of wine for the table. The wine was good, I’ve been trying a few different types here as the others are ordering them because I’m in Paris and I figure why not? This was a white Muscedet and it was really pretty good, I had one glass and really enjoyed it.

During dinner the Roland Garros was on and the entire place was buzzing over the close match between Federrer and Del Porto: Federrer won. Harrison and Andres tried to explain just how the game works to me and Meaghan, I sort of get it now and I think Meaghan’s got it. After tennis was over the soccer game came on. We were all just having a good time sitting around chatting and they weren’t in any hurry to get rid of us at the cafe so we chilled.

After a while Katie got a headache so she went home but Emma came so we were back to 6. Over the next several hours we got coffee (me) and beer (Andres, Meaghan and Emma) and just chatted. At one point Meaghan was sharing different styles of pounding fists, including one where you pound the fist (the potato) and then after contact open up the fist and spread the fingers (the fries.) She then translated it to French, which was pomme de terre/frites. Emma heard bomb de terre/frites and she and I really liked it so that’s our style now.

The soccer game ended and we were still there just chilling. Jaclyn traced everything on her placemat and then turned it into an origami rose and gave it to the waiter. He loved it and wore it around the cafe. They were super nice there and we really had a great time with them. Before we knew it it was midnight and we’d been there for nearly 7 hours! As we were talking about leaving our waiter came over with a tray of shot glasses filled with what he called “Bastille water.” It was really green apple vodka and they were on the house for being such a fun table. I figured I was in Paris, I’ll be 21 in 2 weeks and it was free so I said cheers with others and took it. It was my first shot and wasn’t too bad.

After that we decided it was time to head home. It was after midnight and we all had a farily long Metro ride home (except Meaghan and Emma who just lived up the street.) The other four of us headed to the Metro station and parted ways to take our separate trains. It was another great night in Paris! (even though we didn’t hear “YMCA”).