Monday was the first real day of class. Mme. Chalufour couldn’t believe we had class because it was still a holdiay. At least she didn’t leave us stranded somwhere and make us miss class. Colleen’s family wen tot he Loire valley for the weekend and didn’t come back in time for class because they didn’t belive her when she said she had class! It could have been worse though, I mean the Loire valley isn’t exactly a hell hole.

Classes went really well. We had some discussions in Contemporary France about cultural differences. Apparently teen pregnancy is practically unheard of here. I guess they have much more effective sex ed programs. Our teacher also told us about the differences between weddings here and the states. French weddings are much smaller and most French women don’t even have a specific wedding ring, the accepted marrying age is also later (late 20s) and women have their first child later (early 30s).

After that class Meaghan, Katie and I went for a walk. Mme. Chalufour gave me directions to a couple art stores near IES so we wen there but they were both closed for the holiday. We wandered (our favorite) for about an hour and got back to IES just in time as the others got out of class. Then we all got lunch at the same cafe we went to last week. I have a feeling the staff at La Nagureure are going to know us really well by the end of the summer.

During lunch we were laughing and talking about the program and the other students. We realized just how sectioned off we’ve already become. We all know other students from class and such but we rely on descriptions because we don’t all know names. Some are pretty funny descriptions too. We also learned that Andres doesn’t really know our names. I decided to quiz him to see how well he could do. Harrison is Andes (makes sense, his last name and very similar to “Andres”), Jaclyn in Jaci (no explanation needed), Meaghan is Oreo (very long story, you just have to know her), Katie is Barbie (blonde and perpetual tour guide) and I’m Picture Girl (I wonder why?)

After lunch we stopped by a bakery to please Harrison’s sweet tooth and then it was to clas. On the way we went by a little bookstore I hadn’t noticed before so I can’t wait to go in there!

Art was great. We’re starting wiht a little Classicism, Romaticism and Realism to give a bit of a base to Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Our teacher is really cool and she uses actual slides! It’s kind of fun to see the old-school technology still in use.

On our way through the garden after class we saw a man carrying a pigeon in a cage. We have absolutely no idea why he had a pigeon in a cage or how he caught it. Even stranger was the fact that we saw him get on a bicycle to go home! That took some talent on his part. Everyone was super tired after class and our long Sunday so we just went home. Jaclyn started her homework right away and I did my reading. Again I kept nodding off during the Roland Garros (the French Open) so I took a power nap before dinner.

Dinner was outside again! I’m really loving this new habit. I don’t know how I’ll readjust to meals inside without copious amouts of bread!