When Jaclyn and I got home we both got online and took care of emails and such. The weak connection makes that difficult, but now we’ve discoverd the magic chair in the house where we can almost always get a strong connection. Even still, you should be happy with the blog you’re getting 😉

For dinner it was just Jaclyn, Mme. Chalufour, Flore (25 year-old daughter) and myself so we ate out on the patio.

As usual the conversation was great. Jaclyn and I talked about how we stand out as Americans because we wear bright colors. Both Chalufours laughed at us saying the French wear color too until they looked down and both realized they were wearing just neutrals!

Other topics included good places to shop, personal shorthand in notes (we couldn’t read the note Mme. Chalufour left for us) and generation gaps. It was really nice and comfortable. We also discussed how technology is changing languages, I guess because many people email and text now, even the French are losing some of their accent marks. Flore even got the names of the different ones confused so that actually made me and Jaclyn feel much better about ourselves, I mean she’s a native!

After dinner Jaclyn started homework and I did my reading for class. We both also got the chance to talk to home, which was super nice.