After the park and lunch, Jaclyn and I met up with Katie because she decided to buy a French phone so she could call her French family. She was hoping ot just use the extra phone Jaclyn brought (her brother used it in Hungry) or the extra phone she had (her friend used it in Italy I think) but neither worked so she had to get a new phone.

After that was all worked out we met Meaghan and went from there. It seemed like the day was full of trips around and neighborhood and to the apartment and back for no reason of real importance. We did a little window shopping and explored other parts of the 17th.

The view of the Arc d'Triomphe that we see several times a day coming and going from our Metro stop.

The view of the Arc d'Triomphe that we see several times a day coming and going from our Metro stop.

A little while later we met up with Harrison and plans were to visit the Andy Warhol exhibit at La Gallerie Nationale (the National Gallery) but one of Jaclyn’s friends from home was in Paris and wanted to meet up with her at the Eiffel Tower instead. When we got there we couldn’t find her friend and her friend’s phone was dead so no calling her so we were sort of up a creek. Eventually we gave up on trying to find her. At this point (nearly 8 pm) we were all starting to get hungry so we left and headed in the direction we thought the Metro was.

We wandered for quite some time, past Napoleon’s tomb and the Military Academy and the original Calvary building but weren’t really finding the Metro. We did at least have some deep, philosophical discussions along the way.

Eventually we found a Metro station and took a line back to Harrison’s neighborhood, the 10th, for dinner (we want to visit all our neighborhoods before this is all over). He showed us his building (right by the Metro stop the lucky duck!) and found a cafe for dinner. It was a nicer, sit-down place so it was a little more expensive than the meals we’ve been eating but it was worth it!

Us girls all ordered the cheese tortellini and Harrison had moules/frites (mussels and fries). It was fantastic! I’m pretty sure we drank at least 6 bottles of water too. Harrison had a ton of mussels so we all ate on to help out. Katie was afraid to try one so she refused to do so without water to wash it down with just in case. We were out of water and the waiter was hard to catch. She still had a bite of her pasta left so we said that would work, her response was "pasta is a drier, not a washer." Meaghan finally gave her some of her wine to drink and so Katie finally ate the mussel.

Harrison had to leave before dessert, which was incredible! Andres came and took Harrison’s spot. All day we’d been wondering where Andres was and it turns out his host family got him into the French Open! He spent the day watching Fedderer play and win! He also managed to get the waiter to give him the beer that came with Harrison’s meal–I swear that kid is always getting something free! (We tried to explain to him what a badass is but it didn’t work) Jaclyn’s dessert was a creme caramel (caramel cream) and Katie had chocolate mousse, both were incredible. Mine was a double espresso and everybody was stunned that I could drink that and still go to sleep. They obviously don’t know me that well yet.

We hung out there for about another hour or so before heading out. It was getting late and starting to cool off considerably and the music was driving Andres crazy! The radio station played a strange mix of American music, from Van Halen to the Bee Gees to the Village People again. “YMCA” is up to a tally of two, we’ll see how high it gets.