The official, one-week countdown has begun. Although I don’t leave for Paris until Monday, May 25th, I head over to St. Louis next Sunday. My French class buddy Katie and I will be flying out of StL together.

Since my last post I have received my host family assignment.  For 8 weeks I will be living on Rue Bayen with la famille Chalufour. I haven’t been in contact with them yet, but according to IES, my host program, they are a married couple with children and a dog. While I love kids I’m not always the biggest fan of dogs so I guess time will just have to tell how that’s going to work out.

This last week is all about tying up loose ends before I head out. I’m sure it’ll be full of last minute runs to Wal*Mart to buy shampoo and triple checking my suitcase to make sure I packed my swimsuit and things of that nature. I’m also crossing my fingers that my oldest sister will have her baby before I leave so I can at least meet my new niece before I cross the Atlantic. As usual, I welcome any words of advice about Paris specifically or studying abroad in general.